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Lead Singer

60 Minutes

60 minutes provides just the right amount of time to focus on technique and  to refine your performance pieces.

$120 AUD

Recording Studio

45 Minutes

 A 45 minute lesson is perfect for drop in lessons and singers wanting to focus solely on repertoire.

$100 AUD

Child Star

30 Minutes

 A 30 minute lesson is a great way to start singing or to trial the studio. I highly recommend 30 minute lessons for younger voices and beginners. 

$60 AUD


As a voice teacher I am dedicated to providing a safe, fun and creative environment for all the undiscovered beautiful voices out there. I am committed to making quality vocal education affordable and available to singers of all ages and abilities. At the moment all lessons have been moved to an online platform. You can drop in for a lesson from anywhere in the world.  YES! Single lessons are welcome. If you are working on a song for an event or just need help hitting the high notes, I'm here.

Just a few simple things before we start, what you'll need:

  • A stable internet connection

  • A phone, tablet or laptop that has a camera 

  • A Mirror 

  • A Water Bottle

  • A  copy of your music that you can write on

  • A pencil (or stylus if you're using a music score app) 

  • Backing tracks or piano accompaniment for your songs 


An introduction to solo singing: Private lessons are available for any self-motivated and dedicated student to include students as young as 4. Lesson plans focus on vocal technique, performance, theory, notation and ear training.  All lessons are customized for each individual. 


Students with an established foundation or previous experience singing may want to advance to a 45min lesson. Students will gain confidence, auditioning skills, and artistry across a broad repertoire. Lessons are tailored to incorporate music interpretation, technique and stage presence.


Advanced Coaching is available to anyone preparing roles, recital, exam, performance and audition repertoire. Coaching focuses on diction, musicality and characterization. Vocal coaching is a critical and constructive intense refining of performance pieces with an emphasis on confidence-boosting activities that help to secure positive outcomes in a performance setting. 

Want to Study? Start Here

I would love to hear from you. Let's SING!

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Studio Policy and Procedure

RESPECTING AND PROTECTING CREATIVITY: Lessons are a laboratory for creation. I ask that anyone attending lessons respect our students and remember that we are all in the process of developing our skills. I kindly ask that all students and guests be mindful of what they say about fellow students and what they choose to post on social media. I highly encourage the recording of lessons for students private use and review. The posting of or circulation of any and all recordings of Ensemble Study and Studio Class (audio and visual) are strictly prohibited without written consent . Should you need to record, arrangements can be made to suit your needs.

CANCELLATION: There's 24 hour cancellation policy. I respect that your time is valuable and I appreciate that you understand mine is too. Should you need to cancel or change your lesson time please call. Refunds on deposits for accompanied lessons are at the discretion of the pianist.

PAYMENT: Payment for instruction is due upon receipt of your invoice.  Approved payment methods include Direct Bank Transfer within Australia and PayPal. There are no refunds for lessons received.

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